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If you had to think about how much energy you have every
day and had to pick a number between 1 and 10 (10 being great
gobs of energy and 1 being tired all the time) what would that
number be?

It has been my experience the practice of Yoga is brilliant as it
builds energy within the body. I am talking about the time honored
tradition of Yoga not our western version of Yoga. They are two
very different practices.


‘Sustain without strain for the greatest gain’.

This is a great quote. I think of the Yogis in class when we talk
about awareness and how much of a percentage they are giving
(how engaged they are) when in a pose. Sometimes we work at
100% which is along the no pain, no gain mentality but in the world
of Yoga doesn’t fit very well.

Sometimes we work at 50% which is ok some days when we need to
pull back but not ok every day to achieve results.

Do you know what percentage of your physical energy you use in
everyday activities?

Migun Massage

Migun is a brand of Thermal Massage Bed that
applies Oriental medical principles with Western
technology by using far infrared energy while
concentrating on vital acupuncture points along
the spine.

It is quite a lovely experience I have to say, I
enjoyed the warmth of the infrared technology as
well as the jade heads used to move up and down
along the spine.  I found it to be a gentle process of
releasing physical tension as well as some emotional
release over the next few days.  Fantastic!

If you have the opportunity to visit such a center
located near you, you may wish to experience it
for yourself!  Take the time for yourself, you are worth it!

The Brain

The brain accounts for 2% of the body’s adult weight,
consumes 20% of the body’s energy and uses
1/5th of the body’s oxygen.  The brain needs 8-12
glasses of water per day for optimal functioning.

The brain rewires itself with each new stimulus
experience and behavior.   Good maintenance skills
such as staying hydrated, deep breathing techniques
and continuing to learn will keep the brain functioning
at optimal levels.

Adapted from “Brain-Based Personal Training” by
Terry Eckmann, PhD

30, 300, 3000 Rule

It takes 30 reps done the same way for the body to even recognize that you are asking it to do something different.

It takes 300 reps before the body remembers that new pattern.

It takes 3000 reps before that new pattern becomes automatic.

All the more reason to be aware of your posture!