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Archangel Michael

Have you ever meditated and asked Archangel Michael to join you?

Michael is in charge of protection, courage, strength, truth and
integrity. Michael helps to release fear.

When meditating ask Michael for motivation and dedication to


Angel Connection Circle

Ran the first in a series of 6 (one per month) Angel
Connection Circles last night. Thank you to those who
braved the cold and listened to the inner stirring of
their intuition to spend time at the event and connect
re-connect or deepen their relationship with God energy.

Why is it so hard for us to take time for ourselves and
for what reason do we disconnect from one of the most
empowering and loving sources available to us?

30 Day Mantra

I welcome beauty, harmony and purity into my
My mind is calm and I am connected to God.
I master my life with joy. I know and accept
myself in order to show this love to other
I believe all beings have value. All human
beings are important in the Divine scheme of
things and I show others that I believe in
I give with honesty and an open heart and
without expectation.

Personalized Meditation CD’s

I started making personalized meditation CD’s. I teach meditation classes
at a certain organization but found that people were too busy to make the
time to come out for an in person session. We live in a busy environment.

I decided that being able to personalize and offer a service through the email
service would be quite valuable to a lot of individuals. I can send the
information package out by email, receive the documentation back by email
or fax, have the client pay through internet banking, and then send the
personalized recorded session back to the individual through email. Win/Win!


Lepidolite is a mineral that has healing qualities. This mineral can be used
for healing purposes by having the physical substance nearby or by
simply using the energy of the mineral.

The mineral assists in the transformation of lesser spiritual ideals to the
energies of universal light, hope and acceptance. The mineral also induces
the attribute of self-love.

Now who couldn’t use more of those attributes?

Simply sit quietly and focus your intention on drawing in the positive qualities
as listed above into your body. Notice what happens. Let me know.