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How much TV do you watch?
Do you ever notice that after mindlessly
watching TV even though you may think
you were not paying attention, you are
drawn to certain products that were

Its good to be aware of the information
that you allow into your consciousness.

Trinity poem

So many reasons to hide,
This gift cannot be denied.

The more you fight it, the harder to
ignite this, soggy little fire,
That fuels your desire.

Make haste and begin, the process within.

It is magnificent you’ll see,
Allow yourself to ‘be’
In the trinity of three,

Safe, confidential, loving and true,
Information you will find ALL about you….


Cut the Cords

Anytime you experience fear in a relationship
there may be cords that need to be cut.

Cords or hooks as they are sometimes called refer
to energetic attachments that are formed from
relationships with others that are unhealthy and
fear based.

To cut cords ask for the assistance of Archangel
Michael, angels freely offer their assistance and wisdom
but they do require that we ask for it.

We all have cords, its our job to cut them so that we
do not allow others to drain our energy. They may also
be the culprit behind physical pain.


How do you feel about Yoga?

I’ve had many people over the past few weeks during classes tell me that they
are receiving relief from tension from only participating in a few classes so far.

Why is that?  On average we use only about 10% of our lung capacity.  Yoga
encourages deep breathing.  In my classes I encourage participants to ‘take
the breath’ to various parts of the body.  I encourage participants to ‘allow
themselves to relax’, also to use the ‘exhalation to release’.

There are many tools to assist one in releasing tension and achieving
relaxation.  Use them!

Yoga Blessings

I taught a Hatha Yoga class this morning.  A lady told me after the class
that she had not realized how much she would enjoy Yoga until
she slowed down and allowed herself too.

She offered herself permission to slow down.  Now that is great insight!