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Words are powerful

Have you ever felt like your life is an emotional rollercoaster of
emotional ups and downs that never ends?

Well lets break that thought process down.  If your emotions are like
a rollercoaster then of course they go up and down because that is
what a rollercoaster does.  The ups and downs are usually quick and
scary and very upsetting to the stomach.  Plus there is the fact that
the rollercoaster actually does not have an end, it just goes around and

Ah, the power of the words that we chose.  How about instead of
calling it an emotional rollercoaster we call it an emotional escalator.
Emotions can therefore rise up, slowly, controlled, and have an end point.
Or, emotions can lower, slowly, with control and have an end point.

Be aware of your choice of words.  Words are powerful.


Energy is everything, everything is energy.

Become aware of the thoughts that are dominant
in your mind.

Energy follows thought…..always.

Do you really want energy to follow all your
thoughts. Its your choice what thoughts you
hold in your mind.


How much TV do you watch?
Do you ever notice that after mindlessly
watching TV even though you may think
you were not paying attention, you are
drawn to certain products that were

Its good to be aware of the information
that you allow into your consciousness.


Its in your hands!

Actually its in your heart. What do you want
for yourself? Can you say the words “I want
………..”(fill in the blank), or do you find yourself
only able to respond regarding what you don’t want?

Ask yourself the question, respond sincerely with
an answer. You are one step closer to becoming
more aware of you! Good work.


Emotions are something that we all have.  Emotions,
if you think about it, offer our senses something to do.

Without emotion what does something feel like?
Without emotion what does something taste like?

It may be worth checking in with yourself and
becoming more aware of how you handle various
types of situations and what emotions arise from

Taking that idea one step further when you notice
which senses you are using what emotions come up?