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All of our bodies contain a system that is
called the Autonomic Nervous System.
Within this system is the Sympathetic
system and the Parasympathetic system.
The Sympathetic system stimulates our
fight or flight response. The Parasympathetic
system stimulates our relaxation response.
When the exhalation is extended longer than
the inhalation breath we are stimulating
the Parasympathetic system with a relaxation
You may wish to attempt this for yourself!
See how this works for you!


The universe provides nourishment and
breathing is our way of absorbing it.

What do you think of that? If we are much
like a perfect seed of a plant that needs
nourishment from it’s surroundings, what if
all we need to do is stop and breathe
deeply and absorb what we need?

Life Poem

It happens with the mind,
It happens with the breath.

It happens every time,
We live our life to death.

Something comes from deep within,
A wisdom from the heart.

Lets take it and run with it,
So living life may start.


Yoga Practice

I believe the practice of Yoga is one of the most brilliant
techniques for drawing awareness from our external
environment to our internal environment using movement
and breath.

Why would you want to draw awareness from your external
environment to your internal environment?

Sometimes as human beings we forget that physical pains
and tensions are simply our bodies telling us that something
needs to change. By drawing awareness inward you may
get the answers you need to make these changes.

Listen and you will learn.


It is possible to send healing energy to any
part of your body that you choose.

It is possible to use the energy from any
crystal, stone or mineral without even seeing
it or holding it in your hand.

Simply draw into your awareness the healing
energy from a certain type of crystal, stone
or mineral, breathe into the space in your body
where you wish the healing to occur, and use
the exhalations of the breath to remove and
release that which is not serving you.