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12.21.12 End of the world or a new beginning?  Reiki is a type of energy healing and to be an effective practitioner one must be sensitive to the flow of energy.  The flow of energy occurs in many ways and on many levels: to and from individuals, food, earth, sun, moon and cosmos.  Is our physical landscape coming to an end right now?  No.  What is coming into focus is the way the mind brings in and communicates information, how we connect emotionally to Self and others, and spiritually to something bigger than Self.  These are concepts that we want to put thought and action towards learning to sustain positive relationships with Self, others and our surroundings.  Reiki helps to nurture, relax and heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Reiki can be offered lying down or seated in a chair (fully clothed).  Reiki is safe for all ages from babies to seniors and has no contraindications.


Angel Connection Circle

Ran the first in a series of 6 (one per month) Angel
Connection Circles last night. Thank you to those who
braved the cold and listened to the inner stirring of
their intuition to spend time at the event and connect
re-connect or deepen their relationship with God energy.

Why is it so hard for us to take time for ourselves and
for what reason do we disconnect from one of the most
empowering and loving sources available to us?

Crystals, Minerals and Stones 1

Brasilian Agate

Balances Yin-Yang Energy
Stabilizes the aura helping to transform and eliminate negativity
Strengthens sight
Brings temporary relief to painful conditions
Strengthens intestinal wall, enhances digestion
Balances energy of the heart, increases circulation
Helps in the examination of circumstances relevant to ones well-being


Lepidolite is a mineral that has healing qualities. This mineral can be used
for healing purposes by having the physical substance nearby or by
simply using the energy of the mineral.

The mineral assists in the transformation of lesser spiritual ideals to the
energies of universal light, hope and acceptance. The mineral also induces
the attribute of self-love.

Now who couldn’t use more of those attributes?

Simply sit quietly and focus your intention on drawing in the positive qualities
as listed above into your body. Notice what happens. Let me know.


If you had to think about how much energy you have every
day and had to pick a number between 1 and 10 (10 being great
gobs of energy and 1 being tired all the time) what would that
number be?

It has been my experience the practice of Yoga is brilliant as it
builds energy within the body. I am talking about the time honored
tradition of Yoga not our western version of Yoga. They are two
very different practices.