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Archangel Michael

Have you ever meditated and asked Archangel Michael to join you?

Michael is in charge of protection, courage, strength, truth and
integrity. Michael helps to release fear.

When meditating ask Michael for motivation and dedication to


Self Care

Self Care is defined as caring for ones self.

Do you do that? If you do, how? If you don’t, for what
reason don’t you care for your self? Do you think its
someone elses job?

What does Self Care look like to you? Does it mean going
for a massage, taking a nap, spending time with someone you
enjoy their company?

Take a moment, breathe, care for your Self, it really is
your responsibility. Take pride in it and be thankful
that there is at least one thing you have control over.

Sleep aid

As you are lying in bed close your eyes and begin to touch
each finger to your thumb one at a time, both hands at the
same time. Index finger to thumb, second finger to thumb,
ring finger to thumb, pinkie finger to thumb and then begin
again at the index finger.

As you bring the index finger and the thumb together inhale
and count to three. As you take the index finger and the
thumb apart exhale and count to 6. Repeat this breathing
pattern with each finger until you fall asleep.

Enjoy your sound, restful sleep. Good night.

Tell a friend

I enjoy how we use holiday seasons
to express our gratitude to ourselves
and others but only once per year.

What if you decided today to offer
yourself this same consideration.

Tell a friend they are valuable to you
in some way, but first, tell yourself what
you like (better yet…love) about yourself.


Notice your thoughts during the day, throughout the day.

Do your thoughts move in a positive direction or a negative direction.

You have the choice to move your thoughts in the direction you want.

Either change your life and start doing what makes you happy, or change your
thinking to enjoy whatever is happening in the moment.