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Have you ever considered ‘why’ we get aches and pains?
Sometimes we think its because we are working too hard, but
what if we are not. What if the body is holding onto some kind
of emotional memory that is presenting itself in an ache or

Sit quietly, close your eyes, perform a mini scan from head to
toe and ask yourself what areas of your body may have a
message for you. Your body will provide an answer if you ask….
remember to trust the answer (it may be something you did
not want to hear) but it is sincere and it is the truth and
deserves attention for you to move forward and heal.

Sleep aid

As you are lying in bed close your eyes and begin to touch
each finger to your thumb one at a time, both hands at the
same time. Index finger to thumb, second finger to thumb,
ring finger to thumb, pinkie finger to thumb and then begin
again at the index finger.

As you bring the index finger and the thumb together inhale
and count to three. As you take the index finger and the
thumb apart exhale and count to 6. Repeat this breathing
pattern with each finger until you fall asleep.

Enjoy your sound, restful sleep. Good night.

I Love You Chant

Sit comfortably and relax.
Place both hands on the knees palms facing
downward and take a few deep breaths in and
out. Notice how you are feeling.
Place your left hand on your chest and say out
loud or mentally “I love you chest”. Place your
left hand on your eyes and say “I love you eyes”,
place your left hand on your head and say “I love
you head”. Place your left hand on your navel and
say I love you, place left hand back on knee and say
“I love you”. Practice this sequence a few times.
Now close the eyes and say these words while touching
each part of the body as noted above and repeat
several times. Notice how you feel after the chant.

Self and Higher Self

What is the difference between self and
higher self?
Take a look in the mirror, right into the
center of your eyes. Your self looks back
at you with wonder, your higher self
looks back at you with purpose.


When I teach Yoga classes I like to show the
students a variety of different ways to
Meditate because everyone is different.

I asked the students to perform a standing
Meditation, eyes open, gazing at themselves
in the mirror. Gazing right into their eyes.

A lady approached me after and said she had
never looked at herself in her eyes before and
she didn’t recognize that person that was looking
back at her.

If you took a moment right now and walked over
to a mirror, stood tall, felt grounded in your feet
and looked into your eyes what do you think you
would find out about yourself…..