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I went to church for Easter Sunday and saw this in the bulletin I would like
to pass it on:

6 easy ways to help people feel valued:

1.  Be genuinely interested in people.
2.  Smile.
3.  Remember and use their name.
4.  Listen more than you talk.
5.  When you do talk, focus on their interests.
6.  Make them feel important.

This is an excerpt from the book ‘How to win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie

Isn’t it interesting how much more we talk than we listen?


Someone just the other day said to me ‘where do you put your
ego when you are in Yoga’.  I thought that was such an interesting
question.  The definition of ego is a person’s sense of self esteem
or self importance.

Do we really feel like we have to put aside our sense of self importance
to learn more about ourselves.  If we feel we are important wouldn’t that
help us want to learn more about ourselves?



Simplicity is the condition of being uncomplicated.
Do you feel like life is simple or do you feel like
life is complicated.
We all view the world around us from unique
perspectives that are learned from our environment.
Keeping things simple is a strong step in moving
toward keeping your energy for the important things.
Wasting energy on worrying, wasting energy on
the past, wasting energy on how others think about
you (any of this sounding familiar), wow its tiring just
writing about all that wasting of energy. What if you
could keep that energy for yourself?

I Love You Chant

Sit comfortably and relax.
Place both hands on the knees palms facing
downward and take a few deep breaths in and
out. Notice how you are feeling.
Place your left hand on your chest and say out
loud or mentally “I love you chest”. Place your
left hand on your eyes and say “I love you eyes”,
place your left hand on your head and say “I love
you head”. Place your left hand on your navel and
say I love you, place left hand back on knee and say
“I love you”. Practice this sequence a few times.
Now close the eyes and say these words while touching
each part of the body as noted above and repeat
several times. Notice how you feel after the chant.


We are under construction, us, our bodies, our minds,
our spirit.

When you feel challenged, the natural tendency is to
try to hold on to whatever you can. How does that work,
think about it, how has it worked for you in the past.

Our senses are what guide us and let us know that we
are feeling on shaky ground. One may choose to continue
to live on shaky ground or they may choose to re-construct
a thought process or belief system.

What do you choose?