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I’ve been modelling and acting for about 26 years now
and what I find interesting about the whole experience
is how one feels about themselves shows on our outside.

Have you ever watched someone in a live show of some kind
and felt very comfortable within yourself? Have you ever
watched someone in a live show and felt very uncomfortable
within yourself?

Chances are you are feeling what they are feeling? The words
we say to ourselves are powerful. How do you speak to yourself?
How do you feel about yourself?


We are under construction, us, our bodies, our minds,
our spirit.

When you feel challenged, the natural tendency is to
try to hold on to whatever you can. How does that work,
think about it, how has it worked for you in the past.

Our senses are what guide us and let us know that we
are feeling on shaky ground. One may choose to continue
to live on shaky ground or they may choose to re-construct
a thought process or belief system.

What do you choose?

Merry Christmas

WARNING eruptions may occur at any time
BEWARE your heart may beat faster
STRONGER with more feeling than before
FEAR not
ENGAGE the senses
PURE strength of character
UNFAILING gratitude
LOVE abounds
WHAT is fear that cannot be controlled by

Merry Christmas

Eye exercises

Perhaps you may feel that your eyes need a break,
need a bit of a boost and rejuvenation.

Take this moment to do some eye exercises.

Close the eyes, move them from right to left as
far as possible, back and forth, mindfully and with

Move your eyes up and down, slowly, mindfully.

Draw a big circle in one direction with the eyes,
do this about 5 times, then draw a circle in the
other direction.

Finally draw a figure eight with the eyes, this will
assist in integrating left and right brain.

Slowly open the eyes, continue what you were doing
feeling refreshed and enlivened.


Are you grounded?

Do you know what that means?

Being grounded means feeling a connection to your body
and to your environment.  Thoughts are directed to being
completely engaged in the activity you are doing at the
present moment.