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‘Sustain without strain for the greatest gain’.

This is a great quote. I think of the Yogis in class when we talk
about awareness and how much of a percentage they are giving
(how engaged they are) when in a pose. Sometimes we work at
100% which is along the no pain, no gain mentality but in the world
of Yoga doesn’t fit very well.

Sometimes we work at 50% which is ok some days when we need to
pull back but not ok every day to achieve results.

Do you know what percentage of your physical energy you use in
everyday activities?

Zen saying

Zen says “Think of all the great words and great
teachings as your deadly enemy. Avoid them,
because you have to find your own source”.

Where do you find your own source? Meditation.


Did you know on average adults laugh
less than 20 times per day and children
laugh over 300?

Now how can we change that? I know
I laugh a lot during the day because I
think lots of things are funny. I also tend
to surround myself with people that have
a great sense of humor and yes, they can
laugh at themselves. Us human beings tend
to do a lot of funny things.

How many times a day do you think you

Enter In Poem

Enter in with great anticipation,
For your heart is truly your guide.

Enter in with wonderous imagination,
From me you need not hide.

Enter in with incredible joy,
For it will carry you through.

Enter into this life with more than just hope,
Although hope alone will do.

Carry yourself with dignity and respect,
Offer love and openness and you will find you will get
More than you knew could ever be in store,
For God is our father of whom we adore.


Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love.  What a great concept in the brain
but how does it feel, what does it actually mean?

I believe I know how it feels to receive, I believe I know
how it feels to give.   I use all my senses in unison like a
beautiful symphony of every aspect of being a human being
working exactly as it was meant to.

It is a gift to ourselves to know how we use our senses and for
what purposes.

One might think about giving themselves this gift this season and
not even have to spend one cent to do it!