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Reality and non-reality

Do you know what you are in right now? Reality
or non-reality. Reality is the conscious rationalizing
space where you make daily decisions and take information
into your brain and decide what to do with it or discard
it altogether. Non-reality is the space that is yours
and yours alone. Your sacred space so to speak, the
space in your brain that makes you you and connects you
to the ‘smarter’ you or higher self.

Do you know what you are in right now?

Self and Higher Self

What is the difference between self and
higher self?
Take a look in the mirror, right into the
center of your eyes. Your self looks back
at you with wonder, your higher self
looks back at you with purpose.

Be your own Guru

It is really an interesting topic of conversation
when you speak to different Yogis about
where they received their training.

There is a lot of talk about going to India to find
a guru. What is a guru….someone who can tell
you things about yourself you didn’t know before?

That sounds a lot like ones higher self. Its nice
to have the option of a guru as a mirror but if one
wanted to have that job themselves it is absolutely
possible to attain.

I think sometimes as human beings we want an easier
route to find answers than actually getting it ourselves.
Either option is perfectly fine, it just depends on what
your goals are.

Higher Self

Take a moment for yourself right now.

Close your eyes.  Tap into your inner wisdom
and ask yourself what percentage
(out of 100%) of your human self feels connected
to your higher self.

80-100% Excellent
60-80% Continue to strive for higher
Below 60% Requires attention


Everyone has questions, more than one!

Questions about life, questions about money, questions about relationships
and where do they turn for answers…….friends, family, co-workers,
self-help books, medication?  What if you could ask someone who you know
is going to give you an answer that will not only be in your best interest
but also will speak deeply to your soul?

Ask yourself.  That’s right.

Ask yourself.  Ask your ‘higher self’.  Your higher self has been with you since
day 1.  Your higher self knows you better than anyone else.  Your higher self
considers you the most important person they know and your higher self loves
you unconditionally.

How do you connect to your higher self, through meditation.