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I went to church for Easter Sunday and saw this in the bulletin I would like
to pass it on:

6 easy ways to help people feel valued:

1.  Be genuinely interested in people.
2.  Smile.
3.  Remember and use their name.
4.  Listen more than you talk.
5.  When you do talk, focus on their interests.
6.  Make them feel important.

This is an excerpt from the book ‘How to win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie

Isn’t it interesting how much more we talk than we listen?


Its an interesting place this earth school that we
choose to live in. We have so many options to find
information. We have libraries, we have TV (haha),
we have experts in their field, we have each other
as mirrors…etc…etc….etc…
Of course the most important information source we
have is ourselves. How well do you know yourself?


Simplicity is the condition of being uncomplicated.
Do you feel like life is simple or do you feel like
life is complicated.
We all view the world around us from unique
perspectives that are learned from our environment.
Keeping things simple is a strong step in moving
toward keeping your energy for the important things.
Wasting energy on worrying, wasting energy on
the past, wasting energy on how others think about
you (any of this sounding familiar), wow its tiring just
writing about all that wasting of energy. What if you
could keep that energy for yourself?

Self Concept

What is your self concept?

If we define self concept as:   ‘the internalized set of stable
perceptions that a  person has of themselves and of who
they are” then what 5 nouns would you use to describe
important aspects of who you are?


Everyone has questions, more than one!

Questions about life, questions about money, questions about relationships
and where do they turn for answers…….friends, family, co-workers,
self-help books, medication?  What if you could ask someone who you know
is going to give you an answer that will not only be in your best interest
but also will speak deeply to your soul?

Ask yourself.  That’s right.

Ask yourself.  Ask your ‘higher self’.  Your higher self has been with you since
day 1.  Your higher self knows you better than anyone else.  Your higher self
considers you the most important person they know and your higher self loves
you unconditionally.

How do you connect to your higher self, through meditation.