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30 Day Mantra

I welcome beauty, harmony and purity into my
My mind is calm and I am connected to God.
I master my life with joy. I know and accept
myself in order to show this love to other
I believe all beings have value. All human
beings are important in the Divine scheme of
things and I show others that I believe in
I give with honesty and an open heart and
without expectation.


Reiki- a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing
from within.

Reiki has no contraindications and can be performed on any age, anytime. Reiki is a
hands on technique and based on the idea that “life force energy” flows through us and
is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” also know as “God energy”
is low, then there is more possibility to get sick or feel stress.

Reiki may be used for transformative purposes if one is ready to make changes in their life
or can be used as a maintenance tool to ensure life force energy flows at its optimum
keeping us healthier and happier.

Gift of Life Poem

The gift of life,
The grace of love,
The mercy of soul,
The wealth of knowledge.

The trust of heart,
The capabilities are endless.

The sorrow is alive in all,
But what do you choose?



I feel like we are given such a neat opportunity to explore this
inner landscape we find ourselves in.  There are so many ways
that we can move through this life, so many options and so many

How do you explore your physical body?  Do you dance, do you run,
play tennis, walk, or do you do anything at all besides sit on a couch
and watch television.

How do you explore all the aspects of the thinking mind?  Do you read,
do you take classes, do you spend time with friends and explore their
patterns of thought?

How do you explore your emotions?  Or do you?  This is an exciting and
abundant place this earth to hang out and see what we are really made of?

Do you know what you are made of?