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30 Day Mantra

I welcome beauty, harmony and purity into my
My mind is calm and I am connected to God.
I master my life with joy. I know and accept
myself in order to show this love to other
I believe all beings have value. All human
beings are important in the Divine scheme of
things and I show others that I believe in
I give with honesty and an open heart and
without expectation.


Love comes from your heart.

Fear comes from your head.

What else do you really need to know?

Chain saw

My husband came home today with a brand new Stihl chainsaw.

I love pruning, we have quite a big yard with a lot of Maple trees that
have ‘taken over’ so this is very exciting!

My very own chain saw!

Gift of Life Poem

The gift of life,
The grace of love,
The mercy of soul,
The wealth of knowledge.

The trust of heart,
The capabilities are endless.

The sorrow is alive in all,
But what do you choose?


Affirmation #3

I love myself unconditionally from the place of
my deepest truth.