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Personalized Meditation CD’s

I started making personalized meditation CD’s. I teach meditation classes
at a certain organization but found that people were too busy to make the
time to come out for an in person session. We live in a busy environment.

I decided that being able to personalize and offer a service through the email
service would be quite valuable to a lot of individuals. I can send the
information package out by email, receive the documentation back by email
or fax, have the client pay through internet banking, and then send the
personalized recorded session back to the individual through email. Win/Win!

Zen saying

Zen says “Think of all the great words and great
teachings as your deadly enemy. Avoid them,
because you have to find your own source”.

Where do you find your own source? Meditation.


When I teach Yoga classes I like to show the
students a variety of different ways to
Meditate because everyone is different.

I asked the students to perform a standing
Meditation, eyes open, gazing at themselves
in the mirror. Gazing right into their eyes.

A lady approached me after and said she had
never looked at herself in her eyes before and
she didn’t recognize that person that was looking
back at her.

If you took a moment right now and walked over
to a mirror, stood tall, felt grounded in your feet
and looked into your eyes what do you think you
would find out about yourself…..


Laughter is playful meditation.

Our own inner wisdom at its finest bringing
a smile to our face and joy to our heart erupting
into overall physical release just because
“we can”.

On average children laugh 200 times per
day, on average adults laugh 17 times per

You can choose how serious or how playful
you wish to be.

Meditation class

I was teaching a Meditation class a few nights ago and
received some feedback from a lady in the class I
wanted to share with you.

The Meditation focussed on stress release so I included
a number of tools for participants to use to assist them
in releasing thoughts and feelings that were not serving them

One of the participants had a sore neck when they came
into the session and when they left the pain was gone and
they thought that was miraculous.

Lets break the process of Meditation down.  What are you
doing when you Meditate?  On average we use about 10%
of our lung capacity and when we focus on the breath we
are oxygenating our cells with at least 5 times more oxygen
than we normally use.  When we Meditate we are putting the
physical body to “sleep” so just think how relaxed your
physical body is when its asleep, no tension, no tightness,
everything releases (well not everything)!

I also added a little bonus to the Meditation of 3 minutes of
personal healing where the participant could choose one area
of their body to send healing energy to.

20 minutes of Meditation can make a dramatic improvement
upon your well being.