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Self Care

Self Care is defined as caring for ones self.

Do you do that? If you do, how? If you don’t, for what
reason don’t you care for your self? Do you think its
someone elses job?

What does Self Care look like to you? Does it mean going
for a massage, taking a nap, spending time with someone you
enjoy their company?

Take a moment, breathe, care for your Self, it really is
your responsibility. Take pride in it and be thankful
that there is at least one thing you have control over.

11 11 11

What do you think 11 11 11 means? Simply, November 11, 2011? There is much talk about it in various articles especially if you are drawn to metaphysical readings.

I think that no matter how you look at it, sending a special prayer, thought, positive energy
or however you wish to define it; taking a moment to think and feel in your own body UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
and then paying that forward by taking some loving action towards another human being is a pretty darn good plan.

Let me know how it goes.

Eye exercises

Perhaps you may feel that your eyes need a break,
need a bit of a boost and rejuvenation.

Take this moment to do some eye exercises.

Close the eyes, move them from right to left as
far as possible, back and forth, mindfully and with

Move your eyes up and down, slowly, mindfully.

Draw a big circle in one direction with the eyes,
do this about 5 times, then draw a circle in the
other direction.

Finally draw a figure eight with the eyes, this will
assist in integrating left and right brain.

Slowly open the eyes, continue what you were doing
feeling refreshed and enlivened.


When I teach Yoga classes I like to show the
students a variety of different ways to
Meditate because everyone is different.

I asked the students to perform a standing
Meditation, eyes open, gazing at themselves
in the mirror. Gazing right into their eyes.

A lady approached me after and said she had
never looked at herself in her eyes before and
she didn’t recognize that person that was looking
back at her.

If you took a moment right now and walked over
to a mirror, stood tall, felt grounded in your feet
and looked into your eyes what do you think you
would find out about yourself…..

Higher Self

Take a moment for yourself right now.

Close your eyes.  Tap into your inner wisdom
and ask yourself what percentage
(out of 100%) of your human self feels connected
to your higher self.

80-100% Excellent
60-80% Continue to strive for higher
Below 60% Requires attention