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Lepidolite is a mineral that has healing qualities. This mineral can be used
for healing purposes by having the physical substance nearby or by
simply using the energy of the mineral.

The mineral assists in the transformation of lesser spiritual ideals to the
energies of universal light, hope and acceptance. The mineral also induces
the attribute of self-love.

Now who couldn’t use more of those attributes?

Simply sit quietly and focus your intention on drawing in the positive qualities
as listed above into your body. Notice what happens. Let me know.


Have you ever thought about programming your bed for the sleep
that you want with your intention (with your mind).

Since the mind controls everything, why not do it and see what

In your mind set the intention of what kind of sleep you wish to have
on your bed. Set the intention, believe that it will work and notice
how much better your sleep is the next day!

I Love You Chant

Sit comfortably and relax.
Place both hands on the knees palms facing
downward and take a few deep breaths in and
out. Notice how you are feeling.
Place your left hand on your chest and say out
loud or mentally “I love you chest”. Place your
left hand on your eyes and say “I love you eyes”,
place your left hand on your head and say “I love
you head”. Place your left hand on your navel and
say I love you, place left hand back on knee and say
“I love you”. Practice this sequence a few times.
Now close the eyes and say these words while touching
each part of the body as noted above and repeat
several times. Notice how you feel after the chant.


How much TV do you watch?
Do you ever notice that after mindlessly
watching TV even though you may think
you were not paying attention, you are
drawn to certain products that were

Its good to be aware of the information
that you allow into your consciousness.

Affirmation #1

‘I am complete’

Learn to affirm every day, many
times per day, notice what happens!