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30 Day Mantra

I welcome beauty, harmony and purity into my
My mind is calm and I am connected to God.
I master my life with joy. I know and accept
myself in order to show this love to other
I believe all beings have value. All human
beings are important in the Divine scheme of
things and I show others that I believe in
I give with honesty and an open heart and
without expectation.

Personalized Meditation CD’s

I started making personalized meditation CD’s. I teach meditation classes
at a certain organization but found that people were too busy to make the
time to come out for an in person session. We live in a busy environment.

I decided that being able to personalize and offer a service through the email
service would be quite valuable to a lot of individuals. I can send the
information package out by email, receive the documentation back by email
or fax, have the client pay through internet banking, and then send the
personalized recorded session back to the individual through email. Win/Win!


I have been listening to people talk lately about how sick they are.
They are sick for months and cannot shake whatever it is. They say
they are just not ‘right’. Is that a sickness of the physical body though
or a sickness in the mind?

When you listen to the news and they say we are in an allergy season,
do you think that affects people. Would people think they had allergies
if someone in a position of authority hadn’t said we are in an allergy season?

I watch TV and look at all the commercials for different drugs and now there
is a booster drug if the current anti-depressant medication that one is on isn’t
working. How many drugs do you think is safe to put into your body at
one time?


I went to church for Easter Sunday and saw this in the bulletin I would like
to pass it on:

6 easy ways to help people feel valued:

1.  Be genuinely interested in people.
2.  Smile.
3.  Remember and use their name.
4.  Listen more than you talk.
5.  When you do talk, focus on their interests.
6.  Make them feel important.

This is an excerpt from the book ‘How to win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie

Isn’t it interesting how much more we talk than we listen?


Blogging is an interesting phenomenon. I find many
things in life deserve to be shared and it appears
that blogging may serve this purpose. We all
have amazing insights that can assist others
in their own journey.

Question is this. How many people actually read it
and how many of the replies are spam?