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Foursquare website

As per the last blog in September 2013 I am still trying to remove our company name of Danyluk’s Storage from the Foursquare website. They refuse to do so and after our last discussion I see they have posted (closed) on the account. I guess they don’t like it when a business requests to not be associated with their site.

Danyluk’s Storage has not given approval to Foursquare to advertise the company on their site. From every interaction I have had with the company I would not give approval to them to advertise.

If you want to connect with Danyluk’s Storage please call Elizabeth at 780-973-6022.

Elizabeth Danyluk
Danyluk’s Storage

Yoga Blessings

I taught a Hatha Yoga class this morning.  A lady told me after the class
that she had not realized how much she would enjoy Yoga until
she slowed down and allowed herself too.

She offered herself permission to slow down.  Now that is great insight!


If you are thinking about Meditation then now is the time to start.

Give yourself permission to take the time for yourself.  You are worth it.