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Home is not a physical place in the outside world.

Home is an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance.

Which home do you experience?

Affirmation #3

I love myself unconditionally from the place of
my deepest truth.

I Love You Chant

Sit comfortably and relax.
Place both hands on the knees palms facing
downward and take a few deep breaths in and
out. Notice how you are feeling.
Place your left hand on your chest and say out
loud or mentally “I love you chest”. Place your
left hand on your eyes and say “I love you eyes”,
place your left hand on your head and say “I love
you head”. Place your left hand on your navel and
say I love you, place left hand back on knee and say
“I love you”. Practice this sequence a few times.
Now close the eyes and say these words while touching
each part of the body as noted above and repeat
several times. Notice how you feel after the chant.


I went into the bush for a few days and here is
my realization.

All day, all night, silence.  One knows when they
are in a very deep meditative state because there is
no time.  You can sit for 2 hours and it feels like
5 minutes.  Silence encourages one to find that
deep state.

What I realized is I can find that deep state anywhere….
in the bush, in my house, in various aspects of my chosen
career path etc, etc…  Its my mind that actually takes me to
the place, the location is handy but not necessary.

On Purpose Poem

It appears one knows where they are in this life,
By their belongings and friends and beautiful wife.

Now if you take that away and look deep inside,
Is it what you thought or do you feel you hide?

Where is your place, where is your spot,
Is it available and open or do you just get caught,

In the ideas and thoughts of everyone around,
That you don’t even know but by their opinions
you’re bound.

Take it from me and dig deep within,
And know that your life is about to begin.