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Gift of Life Poem

The gift of life,
The grace of love,
The mercy of soul,
The wealth of knowledge.

The trust of heart,
The capabilities are endless.

The sorrow is alive in all,
But what do you choose?


Trinity poem

So many reasons to hide,
This gift cannot be denied.

The more you fight it, the harder to
ignite this, soggy little fire,
That fuels your desire.

Make haste and begin, the process within.

It is magnificent you’ll see,
Allow yourself to ‘be’
In the trinity of three,

Safe, confidential, loving and true,
Information you will find ALL about you….


Dream Poem

Very slowly lets begin,
The process is tough but once you’re in,
A rhythm of sorts time will fly,
But do you want it to, for then you die.

But here is that word again BUT BUT BUT…..
It seems to appear when I’m in a rut.

Take the time, slow down you’ll see,
Its all a mere fantasy if only a dream.


Life Poem

It happens with the mind,
It happens with the breath.

It happens every time,
We live our life to death.

Something comes from deep within,
A wisdom from the heart.

Lets take it and run with it,
So living life may start.


Without Poem

Within, without,
what does that mean?

Breathe in, breathe out
what is in between?

We walk, we talk,
We think, we do….

We laugh, we cry,
we’re brave, for who?

From start to finish,
There is no doubt,

If you are not living from within,
You are living without.