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Archangel Michael

Have you ever meditated and asked Archangel Michael to join you?

Michael is in charge of protection, courage, strength, truth and
integrity. Michael helps to release fear.

When meditating ask Michael for motivation and dedication to


Life Mudra

Since the hands are mirrors of the body (just like the feet), it makes
sense that hand gestures may offer the body insight by placing the
fingers and hands in certain positions.

Curl in the pinkie finger and the ring finger towards the thumb.  The tips
of the two fingers will lightly touch the pad of the thumb.  Extend out
straight the index finger and the longest finger.  This is the Life Mudra.

Life Mudra brings release from fatigue, strength to continue, courage to
change and improves vision (physically and mentally).


Have you ever spent time working with the energies
of the moon?
For the past year I have delved deeper into working
with the new moon and the full moon. This has meant
developing a wishlist during these times to manifest
into my life.
One moon helps to bring in desires, one moon helps
to release that which does not serve you.
I am finding it quite a powerful experience.

Mankind Poem

Contain my joy in this boxed up vessel,
It is locked up tight and oozes only hated.

Release the light from the crown of the head,
The view from the top is indeed
light years ahead,
Of dreary mankind who is limited so,

Where do they learn this stuff,
TV? I don’t know.



It is possible to send healing energy to any
part of your body that you choose.

It is possible to use the energy from any
crystal, stone or mineral without even seeing
it or holding it in your hand.

Simply draw into your awareness the healing
energy from a certain type of crystal, stone
or mineral, breathe into the space in your body
where you wish the healing to occur, and use
the exhalations of the breath to remove and
release that which is not serving you.