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Foursquare problem

I own a business called Danyluk’s Storage Ltd.  I have had calls from new clients telling me they found my business on the internet on a website called Foursquare.  I contacted these folks and told them to remove my business from their site.  They emailed back eventually after two attempts to contact them and said yes we will remove your business name for their site. I see Danyluk’s Storage is still on the website and now they have labelled the company as being closed.  We are not closed.  I choose not to do business with Foursquare.

Elizabeth Danyluk
Danyluk’s Storage Ltd.




I had a dream last night about meditating with three wolves.
I have been working on some ideas for my career path
and knew this dream had significance.
I was drawn to a website called and these
are the words that spoke to me:

‘Traditionally, someone with” Wolf Medicine” has a strong
sense of self, communicates well through subtle changes in
voice inflection and body movements .They often find new
solutions to problems while providing stability and support
that one normally associates with a family structure’.

Thank you wolfpie!