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12.21.12 End of the world or a new beginning?  Reiki is a type of energy healing and to be an effective practitioner one must be sensitive to the flow of energy.  The flow of energy occurs in many ways and on many levels: to and from individuals, food, earth, sun, moon and cosmos.  Is our physical landscape coming to an end right now?  No.  What is coming into focus is the way the mind brings in and communicates information, how we connect emotionally to Self and others, and spiritually to something bigger than Self.  These are concepts that we want to put thought and action towards learning to sustain positive relationships with Self, others and our surroundings.  Reiki helps to nurture, relax and heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Reiki can be offered lying down or seated in a chair (fully clothed).  Reiki is safe for all ages from babies to seniors and has no contraindications.



What is the significance of death?

Significance being defined as the ‘meaning of something’
and death defined as the ‘cessation of life’.

So what is the meaning of ones’ life ceasing?

We know we come into this world, we know we leave it,
whose meaning are we interested in, ours or someone

Does it have to mean more than the fact that we came
and went and liked it?


Home is not a physical place in the outside world.

Home is an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance.

Which home do you experience?


Simplicity is the condition of being uncomplicated.
Do you feel like life is simple or do you feel like
life is complicated.
We all view the world around us from unique
perspectives that are learned from our environment.
Keeping things simple is a strong step in moving
toward keeping your energy for the important things.
Wasting energy on worrying, wasting energy on
the past, wasting energy on how others think about
you (any of this sounding familiar), wow its tiring just
writing about all that wasting of energy. What if you
could keep that energy for yourself?


How do you feel about death?

When we came into the world we knew it would
come eventually.

We are sources of energy and energy never really
goes away.