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Reality and non-reality

Do you know what you are in right now? Reality
or non-reality. Reality is the conscious rationalizing
space where you make daily decisions and take information
into your brain and decide what to do with it or discard
it altogether. Non-reality is the space that is yours
and yours alone. Your sacred space so to speak, the
space in your brain that makes you you and connects you
to the ‘smarter’ you or higher self.

Do you know what you are in right now?

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga, selfless service to others. What do you think
that looks like? Selfless service.

Service to others is not like helping or fixing. Fixing takes away
someone’s power because you do the work for them. Helping can
be on the verge of taking away someone’s power if you are ‘helping’
them do something YOU want them to do, not what they want to do.

Service is doing something for someone that they want, it has nothing
at all to do with you. And selfless simply means involving less self in
the process.

Do you think this happens very much anymore….selfless service?

I Love You Chant

Sit comfortably and relax.
Place both hands on the knees palms facing
downward and take a few deep breaths in and
out. Notice how you are feeling.
Place your left hand on your chest and say out
loud or mentally “I love you chest”. Place your
left hand on your eyes and say “I love you eyes”,
place your left hand on your head and say “I love
you head”. Place your left hand on your navel and
say I love you, place left hand back on knee and say
“I love you”. Practice this sequence a few times.
Now close the eyes and say these words while touching
each part of the body as noted above and repeat
several times. Notice how you feel after the chant.


Its in your hands!

Actually its in your heart. What do you want
for yourself? Can you say the words “I want
………..”(fill in the blank), or do you find yourself
only able to respond regarding what you don’t want?

Ask yourself the question, respond sincerely with
an answer. You are one step closer to becoming
more aware of you! Good work.

Affirmation #3

It is time to let go of behaviors that are blocking
you from your heart’s desire.


Take a look at how they may still be serving you
without judgment or fear and replace them with
new thoughts that will work better for your goals.