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Its an interesting place this earth school that we
choose to live in. We have so many options to find
information. We have libraries, we have TV (haha),
we have experts in their field, we have each other
as mirrors…etc…etc….etc…
Of course the most important information source we
have is ourselves. How well do you know yourself?


Simplicity is the condition of being uncomplicated.
Do you feel like life is simple or do you feel like
life is complicated.
We all view the world around us from unique
perspectives that are learned from our environment.
Keeping things simple is a strong step in moving
toward keeping your energy for the important things.
Wasting energy on worrying, wasting energy on
the past, wasting energy on how others think about
you (any of this sounding familiar), wow its tiring just
writing about all that wasting of energy. What if you
could keep that energy for yourself?


All of our bodies contain a system that is
called the Autonomic Nervous System.
Within this system is the Sympathetic
system and the Parasympathetic system.
The Sympathetic system stimulates our
fight or flight response. The Parasympathetic
system stimulates our relaxation response.
When the exhalation is extended longer than
the inhalation breath we are stimulating
the Parasympathetic system with a relaxation
You may wish to attempt this for yourself!
See how this works for you!


Its in your hands!

Actually its in your heart. What do you want
for yourself? Can you say the words “I want
………..”(fill in the blank), or do you find yourself
only able to respond regarding what you don’t want?

Ask yourself the question, respond sincerely with
an answer. You are one step closer to becoming
more aware of you! Good work.

Trinity poem

So many reasons to hide,
This gift cannot be denied.

The more you fight it, the harder to
ignite this, soggy little fire,
That fuels your desire.

Make haste and begin, the process within.

It is magnificent you’ll see,
Allow yourself to ‘be’
In the trinity of three,

Safe, confidential, loving and true,
Information you will find ALL about you….